Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions #

When and where are the classes? #

Afterschool Cornucopia offers 1–hour classes, right after school, on campus at Linwood Howe, El Rincon, and El Marino.

Are the classes outdoors? #

Yes. Our classes meet outdoors (except during rain). Sit–down classes meet at outdoor tables.

Do classes fill up? #

Typically, some of our classes fill up, but most don’t.

How do kindergarteners get to the classes? #

Our staff picks up kindergarten students at their dismissal gate and walks the kindergarteners over to their classes.

Do classes meet on days when school has early dismissal? #

Yes. On Wednesdays our classes meet right after school and end around 2:50–3:00 for the most part. On special early dismissal days, such as those scheduled for parent–teacher conferences, most of our classes meet right after school and end around 2:50–3:00, just like Wednesdays. We email all parents a reminder with details roughly a week before special early dismissal days.

Different question? #

Please email [email protected] to reach us.